GlasGarten Algae Chips Shrimp Snack Food Aquarium

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Product Description

Algae Chips are a delicious and valuable supplementary feed for your snails, shrimp and suckermouth catfish in the aquarium.

The GlasGarten Algae Chips are made from natural and carefully dried seaweed. Tasty for snails, shrimp and suckermouth catfish in your Aquarium, which rasp off small pieces of food from the Algae Chips. The animals are thus provided in a naturally way with nutrients, trace elements and minerals.

The Algae Chips contain important vital substances and proteins, but with the recommended feeding they do not pollute the water and can therefore be left in the aquarium for a longer time. The adhering white minerals do not have to be washed off, the Algae Chips can be added directly to the aquarium.

  • purely natural seaweed chips
  • with iodine and vitamins
  • rich in calcium and magnesium
  • also suitable as holiday food

Product Specification

Volume15g Aroma pack, Chips
Feeding recommendation1-2 times weekly as much as the animals eat within some days
IngredientsAlgae, minerals

Made in Germany

Weight0.5 kg


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