GlasGarten Krautermix 1 + Frucht Shrimp Food Aquarium

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Krautermix 1 is a variety of different pasture and meadow herbs with their different flavors, beneficial ingredients, and 5% fruit make this herbal mixture into a valuable snack.

Volume30g Aroma pack, Sticks
Dosage / Directions0.5 cm Stick per 10-15 Shrimp
IngredientsSorrel, Daisy, Alfalfa, Parsley stalks, Plantain, Peas, Carrot, Apple (5%), Stinging nettle, Dandelion, Linseed, Echinacea, Parsnip, Chamomile, Strawberry leaves



Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions10 × 2 × 12 cm


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