Ibaraki Akadama Soil Bonsai Plant Aquarium 14 Liter

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Product Specification

Size        : 1-3mm ( XS ) / 3-6mm (s) / 6-11mm (M) / 11-22mm (L)
Volume : 14 Liter

Product Description

  • Provides a good stability of your Bonsai trees, Adenium or Orchid plants
  • Very good air permeability, nearly no tendency to soil compaction
  • Excellent drainage properties (very good against root rot)
  • High ability to hold nutrients in the soil
  • Good buffering capacity against pH fluctuation
  • Can use as for aquarium substrate
  • Suitable with aquarium shrimp keeping
Weight15 kg
Dimensions60 × 45 × 10 cm

1-3mm 14L, 3-6mm 14L, 6-11mm 14L, 11-22mm 14L


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