SHRIMPOLY ALGAE KILLER Aquarium Planted Aquatic Plant

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ALGAE KILLER help to kill, surpress and reduce algae, snails, slug issue in aquarium.
Volume : 100ml or 250ml per bottle

Direction : 

Optimum Dosage : 1.5 mL for each 50 L water. (1 push =1.5ml )

Algae Prevention : Dose 1/2 of recommended optimum dosage 30 minutes before water change.
Full Treatment      : Follow optimum dosage method, dose using syringe, stop when observe livestock start dancing. Do 50% water change after 30 minutes of treatment. Daily treatment, continue for 3 days to see better result.
Spot Dosing : 1/3 of optimum dosage, dilute to ratio 1:10 (Algae Killer : Water). Stop filtration system, start spot dosing using a syringe on algae affected areas.

1)Algae Killer also helps to reduce snails and planaria.
2)If accidentally skin contact with Algae Killer liquid, rinse the contacted areas with plenty of water.
3)Do major water change >50% if overdose Algae Killer liquid and see abnormal condition of fishes and shrimps.

Aquarium Use Only! Keep Away from Children!

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Dimensions3 × 3 × 13 cm

100ml, 250ml, Syringe 2.5ml


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