GenChem Biomax 1 Shrimp Baby Food 50g

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Product Description

Biomax Size 1 It has been specially developed to prevent mortality in baby shrimp in the first weeks after hatching, which is often caused by poor digestion. The very fine 240 µ – 350 µ powder makes the feed ideal for baby shrimp. The powder is easy for young shrimp to digest. When feeding biomax powder in the first few weeks, the target figure for shrimp will drop dramatically.

1. Nutritional balance
2. Enhancement of pigment
3. Reliable replacement of fresh feeds
4. Water quality remains optiomal
5. Induce moulting

Main ingredients
Combined composition, which includes krill, fish, squid liver, lean meat, spirulina and seaweed, supplemented with vitamins, astaxanthin and trace elements.

Feeding guide
Feed 25%~35 daily diet daytime and feed 65~75% at night.

50gram of powder, includes measuring spoon.

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions14 × 8 × 3 cm


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