SALTY SHRIMP Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ Loose Pack

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Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ has especially been developed for the keeping and breeding of bee shrimp, bumblebee shrimp, and tiger shrimp in an aquarium, to mineralise RO water, rainwater, fully desalinated water, etc. It raises the total hardness (°dH) without significantly influencing the carbonate hardness (KH). This is especially important for shrimp originating from soft water habitats (ratio of KH/°dH: 0.06/1.0).

Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH+ contains all the important minerals and trace elements your shrimp need for their well-being, intensive coloration, successful breeding, and healthy growth. It also furthers plant growth and the microbial regeneration of biological filter substrates. The danger of noxious bacteria is reduced, as these salts especially further the growth of antagonistic (beneficial) microflora.

Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ does not influence the pH directly.
For keeping and breeding bee shrimp, aim for a pH of under 7. As soon as biological biodegradation processes start in your tank this may happen all by itself. However, if the pH remains higher, the low carbonate hardness (KH) enables you to influence the pH very easily, e.g. by the use of black alder cones or peat (both containing fulvic acids), or with pH-reducing additives.



Weight50g Loose pack/ 100g Loose Pack/ 110g Original Bottle / 230g Original Bottle
InstructionsMix with water outside of the aquarium. Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH+ dissolves almost completely within seconds, and the water is ready for use at once. Please make sure that any undissolved particles go into your tank, too. Close the container tightly after use.
DosageUse Bee-Shrimp Mineral GH+ to re-mineralise RO water, rainwater, fully desalinated water, etc. to reach a total hardness of about 6 °dH and/or conductance of about 200 +/- 50 µS (Microsiemens). For this purpose, an evenly full measuring spoon (about 3 g) to 20 liters of water is sufficient.
Measuring spoon enclosed.
Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions15 × 8 × 9 cm

50g (Loose Pack), 100g (Loose Pack), 110g Original Bottle, 230g Original Bottle

1 review for SALTY SHRIMP Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ Loose Pack

  1. h8dementia (verified owner)

    Product received and tested. Working as described. Shrimps were seen to be more active and energetic in my tank.
    I was having problem with my shrimp tank before, TDS, shrimps survivability, molting problem. Hope this product will give positive outcome in the long run.

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