Eheim Classic 600 Canister Filter Aquarium Filter

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-Reliable standard in high quality
-The over decades and million-fold tried and tested external filter generation with a sound range of basic features and very high standard of quality.
-Carefully matched components and features. The balance between pump performance and tank volume provide the best conditions for your aquarium.
-Pleasantly quiet running, robust durability, long service life, low energy consumptionExcellent value for money accessories complete with :
– Strainer x 1
– Inflow pipe x 1
– Outflow pipe x 1
– Green hose 12/16mm x 1pcs
– Green hose 16/22mm x1pcs
– Suction cup x 4 nos
– Filter Housing x1
– Fine Filter pad ( white ) x1
– Coarse Filter Pad ( Blue) x 1
– Activated carbon foam pad x1No Warranty
Note: This filter do not come with Biomedia and Double Connector Valve.



Dimensions41 × 29 × 21 cm

Eheim 600, Eheim 600+Chihiros Bio Ball 3L


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