BSFH Hermit All in One Inflow Outflow Skimmer Aquarium Accessories

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Product Description


BSFH Hermit All In One Inflow Outflow Skimmer compact design which occupies smaller space of your aquarium and come with oil removal function !! Woo ~

** All in one [ Inflow + outflow + Skimmer ]
** Skimmer function [ Remove oil film on water surface ]
** Compact design occupies less space
** Transparent material [ Invisible vision ]
** Simple installation
** Easy maintenance [ Body can split into 2pcs ]
** High grade material Polycarbonates

Product Specification:

Colour : Dark Grey OR Transparent
Size Available : 12mm OR 16mm [ Select based on your Canister Filter Inflow and outflow size ]
Dimension : Width 50mm x 60mm Length x 290mm Overall Height
Material : Polycarbonates

Installation Method

1) Place the skimmer floater correctly.
2) Connect with canister inflow hose to inlet and connect outflow hose to outlet.
3) Hang the BSFH all in one inflow outflow skimmer on the aquarium by adjust the card position to ensure it hold tightly on aquarium.
4) Ensure the inlet have 1 cm space toward aquarium wall.
5) Run canister filter.
6) Adjust skimmer regulating valve to control water flow rate from skimmer or inlet.


1) Which size to select if canister filter hose inlet and outlet both same size 12mm ID?
** Select 12mm size and colour based on your preference.

2) Which size to select if canister filter hose inlet 16mm and outlet 12mm ID?
** Don’t have suitable model. Unless you convert the hose size.

Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions35 × 15 × 10 cm

Transparent, Dark Grey


12mm, 16mm


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