Chihiros Lily Glass Pipe Inflow Outflow Aquarium Accessories

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Product Description:

Lily Pipe creates an ideal water flow for the growth of aquatic plants.

While the inflow is a simple straight designed glass pipe with suction slits. For use with a Frame-less aquarium tank. Due to its slit form, it has the advantage of not sucking in the withered leaves easily. But please make sure to remove the leaves that got stuck on the suction slits.

By using glass, often in a combination with clear filter hoses, a sizeable amount of technology turns practically invisible inside the tank. So the spectator can enjoy an unobstructed view of his/her aquascape.

Product Specification

  Size  Material  Dimension
  Lily Inflow 13mm  Glass 6.5 cm L x 26 cm Ht
  Lily Inflow 17mm  Glass 7.5 cm L x 30 cm Ht
  Lily Outflow 13mm  Glass 13.5 cm L x 18 cm Ht
  Lily Outflow 17mm  Glass 16.5 cm L x 18 cm Ht

** Size selection based on canister filter inlet / outlet.

**Photos are for illustration purpose only. Outflow pipes come with only one suction cup design.

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions17 × 12 × 25 cm

Inflow 13mm, Inflow 17mm, Outflow 13mm, Outflow 17mm

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  1. BRYAN LIOO YEW KAI (verified owner)

    Super friendly and helpful service provide by Ee Shin before and after sales.
    Good and neat packing with bubble wrapping.
    Super fast delivery arrangement.
    Definitely will purchase again from shrimpoly.

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