Shrimpoly Natural Aquascape Driftwood Decorative Aquarium Tank

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Natural Driftwood can help a tank more closely resemble a riverbank and other natural environments. Additionally, the tannins from certain driftwoods can darken the water and give it a reddish shade. Some aquarium hobbyists like this “blackwater” aesthetic, though some feel it makes the water look discolored.


a) S : ~10-15cm ( Recommend for aquarium 20 to 45cm )

b) M : ~20cm ( Recommend for aquarium 30 to 60cm tank)

c) L : ~25-35cm ( Recommend for aquarium 40 to 120cm tank)

MaterialsNatural Long Lasting Wood

Remarks : Natural driftwood do not have fixed in shape / design. Hence we will send random design. ( Please do not purchase if you mind.)

Instruction :

Please soaked the driftwood into a water container to release out the tannins color. Large water container and removing the water from the water container from time to time might help to fasten up the removing tannins color process. Repeat this process until the water inside the container start to become clear.

Some driftwood take shorten time to sunked and some might taken longer time depends on the size of driftwood that being purchased. This is because inside the driftwood contain tiny air pocket during the first it being introduce into the water. To fasten up the process of submerging the driftwood, boiling the wood works really well. Please boil 20-30mins or until the driftwood completely submerged into the water.


S ~10-15cm, M ~20cm, L ~25-35cm


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