Chihiros RGB VIVID MINI LED Freshwater Aquarium Planted LED Light 40-60cm

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Chihiros RGB VIVID Mini are exactly mini version of RGB Vivid II.  Hence it design for small tank from 40cm to 60cm length aquarium. Its lighting fixtures are more powerful and colourful. Furthermore, design of built-in cooling fan help to dissipate heat release from heat sink.

Also, it has a built-in controller that lets you simulate the sunrise and sunset effects, customize spectrum intensity at each time point, therefore it does not require a timer installation anymore!

Prefect for high demand green and red plants !

Two (2) design available  : Stand Type | Pendant Type

[ Pendant type do not come with stand, please purchase stand separately ]

Product Specification:

 Suitable for Aquarium Size 40 to 60 cm length
 Dimension  35.5cm x 14cm x 3.5cm
 Packaging Dimension 42cm x 21cm x 11cm
 Power 75W
 LED Quantity 80 pcs
 Light intensity  5000 lm
 Colour Black
 Material  Alloy Aluminium
 Input Power AC 110V to 240V / 50 to 60 Hz
 Degree of Protection IP43
 Suitable Temperature -20 to 40 Degree Celcius


Warranty Details- 

Light LED 1-year warranty, Adapter 3 months warranty.
For more info, please refer to


Weight3.9 kg
Dimensions43 × 23 × 11 cm

Stand type, Pendant type


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