Chihiros WRGB II Freshwater Aquarium Planted Colourful LED light 30-120cm

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Chihiros WRGB II Series LED is designed for planted aquarium. With a built-in controller, you can now simulate the sunrise and sunset effects, customize spectrum intensity at each time point, hence does not require a timer installation anymore!

This light is suitable for high to medium demand plant.

Made in China, by Chihiros Aquatic Studio.


Product Specification:

Compared to Chihiros WRGB Series, this latest design Chihiros WRGB II Series has a built-in controller therefore, you don’t have to get commander 4 separately. Furthermore, it’s using the same LED with Chihiros RGB Vivid, hence light intensity higher than WRGB Series.

For more detailed specification, kindly refer to the photo.

Casing Colour  : Black
LED Colour       : White, Red, Green and Blue
come with         : Stainless Steel Stand and Adapter

1-Year Warranty for LED light, 3 months Warranty for Adapter with Term and Condition apply.

For warranty details, please refer to

Remarks: Functional test will be run on this product before delivery, hence the seal of the product’s packaging will be opened. Please leave a remark in your order if you do not want us to open the seal for functional test, and we are not responsible if the product arrives at you malfunctions.

Weight5.7 kg
Dimensions134 × 20 × 14 cm

WRGB II 30cm, WRGB II 45cm, WRGB II 60cm, WRGB II 90cm, WRGB II 120cm, ADD WRGB hanging rope kit, ADD Light Shade WRGB II 30cm, ADD Light Shade WRGB II 45cm, ADD Light Shade WRGB II 60cm


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