Caridina Taiwan Imported Freshwater Shrimp

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Product Description :

Neocaridina (neos) and Caridina shrimp are similar physically, but they differ in color patterns and water parameters. They are freshwater shrimp originating from Taiwan and introduced in the rest of Taiwan, Japan, and Hawaii, which is commonly kept in aquarium.

Caridina Cantonensis, the bee shrimp, is a species of small freshwater shrimp in the family Atyidae. It is native to Taiwan. They enjoy temperature range from 22°C to 26°C, but they can still survive temperature below 28°C. Many modern versions of bee shrimp are selectively bred for their characteristics.

Full-grown shrimp reach about 1.5 to 1.8cm. Life span about 2–3 years.

All our shrimps stock are imported from TAIWAN !! (known for good color quality)

Optimum Water Parameter (Advisable):

GH value range3 – 4
KH value range1 – 2
pH value range5.5 – 6.0
Water Temperature22- 26 degree Celcius
TDS Range80-120ppm

*** TDS is just a guideline as any element that dissolved in water may contribute to TDS value.

How to tuned water parameter ??

  1. Neocaridina Shrimp – recommend to use Salty Shrimp Mineral GH KH + ,  raising total hardness (°dGH) and carbonate hardness (KH) at a ratio of °dGH/KH: 1.0/0.5.
  2. Caridina Shrimp –  recommend to use Salty Shrimp Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+,   it raises the total hardness (°dH) without significantly influencing the carbonate hardness (KH). This is especially important for shrimp originating from soft water habitats (ratio of KH/°dH: 0.06/1.0).
  3.  If the GH value and KH value is too high,  do water change to bring it down.

How to check each parameter ??

Water ParameterTest Kit /  Tools
GH ValueGH Test Kit
KH ValueKH Test Kit
pH ValuePH Test Kit


Term and condition for Death On arrival (DOA)

1) DOA ( Death on Arrival ) is only applicable for customers who select DOA Guarantee with additional RM 10 payable. Pick only 1pcs option(DOA Guarantee) RM10 and checkout together with your shrimps purchase, and your whole parcel’s shrimps are protected under DEATH ON ARRIVAL policy, so when shrimps arrive you if die in the packaging, we will resend(refer to no.4) or refund(refer to no.5) based on the casualty situation.

2) Buyer must ensure delivery address is accurate and there is someone to receive the parcel. Buyer must pick up courier call to receive parcel and trace the parcel accordingly. If courier fail to deliver due to no people to receive parcel, then DOA term is void automatically. Please bear in mind that you are purchasing LIVESTOCK parcel. We will do our best in packaging and quick delivery, but buyers also need to do your part.

3) After receive parcel, please check the condition of livestock. If there is any casualty (shrimps die), kindly take photo to prove BEFORE opening the packaging, and send the photos to whatsapp hotline 011-23269699 to show photo proof. DOA term is void when receiver open the packaging and take photo of the death shrimps.

4) We will replace shrimps if the death shrimps quantity is high. Buyer need to pay for the postage incurred for such replacement.

5) If death shrimps quantity is low, for example 1pcs or just few pcs, instead of replacement, we will refund and credit the amount in reward points to your Shrimpoly account equal to the death shrimps amount. These reward points you can use it to deduct the purchase amount(RM) in the next order. For reward points, 100 points = RM2. For example, if 1 pcs cherry shrimp RM2 died when you receive our parcel, we will credit 100 points into your shrimpoly account as refund.

***Postage charges included : Polystrene box + Ice pack + Shipping cost.



Note :
a) Do not send to Sabah/ Sarawak / Labuan / oversea.  Please do not purchase.
b) Customer purchase above RM 150 through our website entitled to enjoy free shipping within Peninsular Malaysia. However, aquarium tank, livestock and liveplant are not available in this category.
c) Walk in price are different with website price.


CRS AS/SS x1pc, CRS AS/SS x2pcs, CBS AS/SS x1pc, CBS AS/SS x2pcs, Golden Bee x1pc, Golden Bee x2pcs, CRS SSS x1pc, CRS SSS x2pcs, CBS SSS x1pc, CBS SSS x2pcs, Tangerine Tiger x1pc, Tangerine Tiger x2pcs, Black King Kong x1pc, Black King Kong x2pcs, Wine Red x1pc, Wine Red x2pcs, Blue Bolt x1pc, Blue Bolt x2pcs, Red Pinto x1pc, Red Pinto x2pcs, Black Pinto x1pc, Black Pinto x2pcs, Santa Claus x1pc, Santa Claus x2pcs, Black Galaxy x1pc, Black Galaxy x2pcs, Red Galaxy x1pc, Red Galaxy x2pcs, Black Fancy Tiger x1pc, Black Fancy Tiger x2pcs, Red Fancy Tiger x1pc, Red Fancy Tiger x2pcs, Black King Kong Mosura x1pc, Black King Kong Mosura x2pcs, DOA Guarantee

2 reviews for Caridina Taiwan Imported Freshwater Shrimp

  1. muhammadzaihanifzainon (verified owner)

    Savely arrive and shrimp in top grade.
    Also got freebies
    Trusted !

    • shrimpolyES

      Thank you my dear friend ~

  2. muhammadzaihanifzainon (verified owner)

    Arrive safely. Trusted !
    haha another stock for other spesis. ^.^

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