Chihiros Trimming Scissor for Water Plant Aquarium Accessories

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Product Description:

The special scissors developed for pruning the luxuriant stemmed plants. These stylish unique designed scissors are functional and easily handled in the aquarium. There are three different types of blades, Straight, Curve and Wavy. Please select one according to your needs.

The Wavy is used for various purposes, such as detailed trimming with high angles in small tanks, and trimming in a large area with low angles and trimming of the foreground.

Product Specification:

  Brand  Chihiros
  Total Length  21cm or 28cm
  Type  Straight / Curved / Wavy
  Material  Stainless Steel
Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions8 × 4 × 30 cm
Type and Length

Straight: 21cm, Curve: 21cm, Wave: 21cm, Straight: 28cm, Curve: 28cm, Wave: 28cm


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