Chihiros Pipe Spring Brush / Washer Aquarium Maintenance Tools

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Product Description:

Chihiros Pipe Spring Brush is made of high-quality stainless steel spring and high elasticity nylon wire. It is easy to use and the spring can be bent freely to clean all kinds of inlet and outlet hoses.

*Flexible and Elastic designs
*Easy to clean inflow/outflow/hose

Product Specification:-

 Type : Single Head
Bush Diameter : 18 mm
Total Length : 60 cm

Type : Twin Head
Bush Diameter : 18 mm and 30 mm
Total Length : 155 cm

Type : Mini Twin Head
Description :
It come 2 different design head – hard and soft. The hard brush use to clean inflow and outflow glass wall whereas soft brush use to clean end size of inflow.
Brush Diameter : 18mm
Total Length : 60cm


Spring Material   : Stainless Steel 304
Brush Material   : PVC
Brush Colour : White/Blue ( Random send )


Push the brush head into the hose and pull the spring back and forth to clean the hose. Please clean and keep it in air-dry storage after use.

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions6 × 4 × 21 cm

Single Head, Twin Head, Mini Twin Head


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