Qanvee Stainless Steel Scissor Tweezer Aquarium Accessories

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Product Description:-

Tweezer and scissor are important tools that required to maintain aquascape.

Tweezer function to plants and micro-landscape planting.
It is designed to have a larger handheld spot and slender structure at the tweezer tip, yet allowing better cohesion to clamp plants firmly.

How to select tweezer ?
Straight tweezer – for area that can easy reach for planting.
Curve tweezer – for area hard-to-reach ( between pieces of driftwood or rocks.)

Brand : QANVEE
Type : Straight / Curved
Material : Stainless Steel 430
Length : 24.5cm
Colour : Silver

Scissor design for plant trimming.
The special scissors developed for pruning the luxuriant stemmed plants. These stylish unique design scissors are functional and easily handled in the aquarium. There are two types of different blade available – Curved and Wavy. Please select one according to your needs.

How to select Scissor?
Curved design to enter the corner of the aquarium to plant and build your aquarium plants.
While the Wave is used in various ways, such as detail trimming with high angled in small tanks, and trimming in large area with low angle and trimming the foreground.

Brand : QANVEE
Type : Curved / Wavy
Material : Stainless Steel 430
Length : 21cm
Colour : Silver


How to use and keep Tweezer / Scissor?
(a) Wash it for first time use. [ Normal to have some oil on the scissor surface, clean it with soap ]
(b) After do maintenance, wipe the scissor with dry clothe before keep.

Note :
1) Do not soak the product in water for long time.
2) Not suitable for marine tank.

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions6 × 3 × 30 cm

Scissor WG-021 Curve, Scissor BG-021 Wavy, Tweezer ZN-245, Tweezer WN-245


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