General Hardness GH Test Kit Water Quality Aquarium Water

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Product Description:

A simple test to check the total general hardness content in water.

Product Specification:

1 x Measuring Syringe
1 x GH test Reagent 1 (5g)
1x GH test Reagent 2 ( 10ml)
1 x Dosing Spoon
1 x Instruction manual


1) Wash the vial carefully before using
2) Add 5ml sample water into the vial
3) Add 1 scoop of reagent 1 and swirl for 10 seconds
4) Add 1 drop of reagent 2, the sample turn to pink colour.
4) Add reagent 2 drop by drop until the colour change from pink-red to blue. [ Start to calculate the no of drops ]
5) Number of drops = level of GH (Total Hardness)

We recommend testing for GH once a week in soft water areas, and once every 2-3 weeks in hard water areas. Always read the instructions carefully before using. If GH levels are unsatisfactory then you should seek advice as to the underlying cause.

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