CHIHIROS Clear Hose Aquarium Accessories

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Product Description:

CHIHIROS clear hose is used as the main tubing connecting outflow and inflow of the canister filter. With its transparent colour display, the tubing system looks just elegant in your aquarium corner. Chihiros clear hose has no peculiar smell and is more rugged and softer.

Product Specification:

  Brand  Chihiros
  Size Available  9mm ( ID ) / 12mm ( OD ) ; Tube diameter 10mm

12mm ( ID ) / 16mm ( OD ) ; Tube diameter 13mm

16mm ( ID ) / 22mm ( OD ) ; Tube diameter 17mm

  Colour  Transparent
  Length  3 meters per roll


Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions24 × 9 × 24 cm

9mm ID/12mm OD, 12mm ID/16mm OD, 16mm ID/22mm OD


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