Chihiros X200 X series LED Freshwater Aquarium Planted

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Chihiros X series LED is designed for planted aquariums. Using chips on board (COB) LED, the X series also comes with a fan and heat sink design to help dissipate heat generated from LED, hence increasing the lifespan of the LED. It can further enhance the colouration of green and red plants. Now you can use X200 series LED together with Commander 1 to set sunrise and sunset illuminative effects. ( Note: Commander 1 has to be purchased separately.)

Light Colour: White light
Cover Colour: Silver
Dimension: 300mm L x 137mm W x 44mm H
c/w: X-Series stand

Suitable for Tanks 60cm to 80cm in length.

1-Year Warranty. Term and Condition apply.

For warranty details, please refer to

Remarks: Functional test will be run on this product before delivery, hence the seal of the product’s packaging opened. Please leave a remark in your order if you do not want us to open the seal for functional test, and we are not responsible if the products arrive at you malfunctions.



Weight2 kg
Dimensions44 × 24 × 8 cm

Black, Silver, Black + Commander 1 Controller, Silver + Commander 1 Controller, Additional Stand Base for aquarium thickness >12mm


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