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Plant Description

Cryptocoryne Pygmaea, sometimes known as a dwarf crypt, hails from specific islands of the Philippines. Although its name suggests it is a smaller species, this particular crypt can get fairly large when grown in a well cared for planted tank. Its emersed state is much smaller, but sufficient humidity and conditions must be provided to ensure its survival. In the wild, Cryptocoryne Pygmaea can be found along rivers emersed and submerged.

Coloration is similar to other cryptocoryne species and can vary with shades of greens and browns depending on the aquarium it is kept in. Leaf size and shapes will also vary depending wholly on the care this aquarium plant receives.

Plant Specification

Complete botanical name: Cryptocoryne Sp. Pygmaea
Family : Araceae
Genus : Cryptocoryne
Difficulty : Easy
Usage : Midground, Foreground, group
Growth: Slow to moderate
CO2 : No necessary
Light : Low
pH value : 5 – 8
Origin: Philippines
Height: 5-9”
Temperature tolerance : 15 – 30°C
Carbonate hardness : 1 – 18°dKH
General hardness:0 – 30°dGH
Propagation :Runners, Rhizomteilung, Splitting, cutting off daughter plants
Can grow emersed?yes
Source : Flowgrow and Aquasabi

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