Cactus Cholla Wood Freshwater Planted Shrimp Tank Aquarium Accessories

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CACTUS or CHOLLA wood is a natural shelter of dried Cholla Catus, promotes microganism which is eaten by shrimps. Liked by plecostomus species too. Designs come in short, long, branches, coins and caves type.


SpecificationShort type: Diameter ~2.5cm * Length ~7.5cm
Long type: Diameter ~2.5cm * Length ~15cm
Branch type: Length ~15cm, come with 2-3 branches
Chunk type: Diameter ~3-4cm, Height ~3-4cm
Cave type: Diameter ~5cm * Length ~15cm
QuantityShort type: 3pcs / pack
Long type: 3pcs / pack
Branch type: 1pcs / pack
Coin / Mat type: 1pcs / pack
Cave type: 1pcs / pack
InstructionsCholla woods are dried under hot sun, hence some cholla woods tend to float. To make cholla wood sink into water in your aquarium, you can boil it in a separate pot for about 30mins or longer, or you can use some weight to press and submerged the cholla wood into water, soak it into a pail of water overnight until it sinks. Rinse with water before introducing into aquarium tank.

Short, Long, Branch, Chunk, Cave, Coin


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