TCFM Self Suction Submerged Surface Skimmer Freshwater Marine TC-SK10 Aquarium Accessories

RM 29.90

Product Description:

Skims dissolves proteins to curb nutrient and film build-up. This will improve water quality, oxygen exchange, and light penetration. Includes a 5W, 350Litres pump. Works with freshwater and saltwater aquariums. No additional part needed.

  • Remove sproteins build-up to improve water quality.
  • With floating platform guardrail that prevents small fish/shrimps to stuck inside the skimmer.
  • High-density filter sponge help to remove oil and suspended solids.
  • Great for freshwater planted aquarium.
  • Works with both freshwater and marine
  • Does not require connecting to any pump or filter.
  • Able to adjust the flow rate
  • Silence motor, energy-saving, and high efficiency.

Product Specification:

Model                  :  TC-SK10 | DQ-350 motor
Max. Flow rate  :   350 Litres
Power Supply    :  220-240 V / 5W
Dimension         :  4cm W x 5.9cm L x 14.5cm Overall Height
Suitable for        :   10 to 30Litres Tank using
Pin                       :  China 2 pins type
Colour                 : Black [ As shown in the photo ]

No Warranty



  1. Install surface skimmer vertically in your tank.
  2. Please ensure the intake float is floating on the water.
  3. Clean the sponge once a week and replace it every 3 to 6 months





Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions17 × 9 × 12 cm


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