Chihiros Peony Poppy Glass Pipe Outflow Aquarium Accessories

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Product Description:

Poppy/Peony glass creates water flow suitable for keeping fishes that prefer gentle water flow, such as Betta and Killifish in an aquatic plant layout. Depending on the placement of the outflow pipe, the water surface ripples adequately and provides aeration and a reducing effect of the oil film.

By using glass, often in combination with clear filter hoses, a sizeable amount of technology turns practically invisible inside the tank. So the spectator can enjoy an unobstructed view of his/her aquascape.

Product Specification:

  Size  Material  Dimension
  Poppy Outflow 13mm  Glass  15 cm L x 18 cm Ht
  Poppy Outflow 17mm  Glass  15 cm L x 18 cm Ht

** Size selection based on canister filter inlet/outlet.

**Photos are for illustration purpose only. Outflow pipes come with only one suction cup design.

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions27 × 12 × 25 cm

Outflow 13mm, Outflow 17mm


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