Pleco Spawning Brick Cave Housing

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Product Description:

Shrimp / Pleco Spawning Brick is specially designed for pleco spawning. It creates a natural home for small fish and shrimps. 5 designs available, you may design your fish’s house based on your creativity.

Grab your pet a little home for itself!!

Product Specification:-

Material       :   Ceramic

Small design

Dimension  :   9cm L x 5cm Width x 4.3cm Height
Colour          :   As shown in the photo (Orangeish or White)


Dimension  :

Rectangular design – 11.2cm Length x 6.4cm Height x 7cm Width
Square design – 6cm Length x 6cm Height x 4.8cm Width
Triangular design – 8cm Length x 7.3cm Height x 6.8cm Width

Colour : White


Weight0.4 kg
Dimensions14 × 8 × 9 cm

Small – Orangeish, Small – White, Rectangular, Square, Triangular


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