BSFH Acrylic Planaria Worm Trap Aquarium Accessories

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Product Description:

Planaria/Worm is a non-parasitic flatworm that could exist in our shrimp tanks due to a lack of fish. They attach and eat any molted and vulnerable shrimp. In order to remove these unpleasant organisms, we can use this PLANARIA WORM TRAP to remove planaria without chemicals or medication.

  • Eight holes design enhance the efficiency
  • Superior acrylic quality prolongs the lifespan
  • Elegant design

Product Specification:

Material                    : Acrylic
Dimension                : 3.2cm diameter x 3cm Height
No. of Holes              : 8
Packaging includes  : acylic trap x 1 ,  bait [FOC]  x 2pcs

How to “CHEAT” planaria / worm ??

  1.  Open the bait and put 1/3 of the content into the planaria trap. [MUST remove the bait casing]
  2.  Fill up planaria trap with aquarium water.
  3.  Submerge planaria trap into the aquarium. Always ensure the side with holes face down.  [Refer photo]
  4.  Switch off the aquarium light and let the trap stay in the aquarium for 8-12 hours.

** You can use meat, market prawn, cooked egg yolk, fish food, frozen red worm as bait.**

Weight0.1 kg
Dimensions5 × 9 × 16 cm


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