Atman HP Series Air Pump HP-12000 Shrimp Fish Freshwater Aquarium

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Product Description:

ATMAN Air Pump provide air to aquarium tank by diaphragm. It pushing air into the water, create water motion with the rising air bubbles, and also provide oxygen to the water that your aquarium fish and animals need to “breathe”.

Air pump works well with sponge filter, undergravel filter plate and air stone to achieve it function.

Product Specification :

Brand Atman
Model HP – 12000
Air Flow Rate 110 Litres  / min
Maximum Pressure (MPa) 0.032 MPa
Power Rate 220 – 240V / 50Hz
Dimension with box 32cm x 20cm x 20cm
Weight 8kg

– Long lasting performance
– Low power consumption
– Japanese design
– With filter reducing noise and dust
– Reliable Japanese imported rubber diaphragm
– Suitable for aquarium shop, fish farm, pond, seafood shop, large home aquariums
– Includes air value kit for multiple tank use


1) Do not submerse in water.
2) The air pump is to be placed above the aquarium/water level.
3) IMPORTANT” if the air pump is to be placed under aquarium a high quality anti-siphon check value must be used.
4) Do not oil the air pump.
5) To ensure optimun air flow change or clean your air stones on a regular basis.
6) For application intructions please contact your local dealer.

Importand Safeguards:
1) Always disconnect power supply before working on any aquarium appliance.
2) Do not operate the appliance if the electrical cord had been demaged.
3) If the appliance falls into the water.Do not reach for it! First unplug the appliance for the power souce.
4) When plugging million air into a receptacle a “drip loop” must be arranged by the user for each cord connectiong an aquarium appliance to a receptacle.A drip loop is that part of the cord below the level of the receptacle.
5) Plug in all aquarium appliance into surge breaker and or a GFCI(Ground Fault Circuit Interupter).

Remarks : No Warranty ( We will have functional test before send out.)


Weight5 kg


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